Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Christmas Goose

Chris (my sister's fiancé) said he wanted a goose for Christmas dinner this year. Why not? We'd be Dickensian this year.

Sorry for this raw, wrinkly, naked carcass picture. It was the only one I remembered to take of our fatty friend.

This goose was an interesting experiment. This goose was ordered two weeks in advance. This goose cost $120. This goose produced maybe 6 servings of meat (half of which were eaten). This goose produced 2 GIANT bowls of fat while it was cooking, then was still the fattiest, most fatteningly fat meat product I've ever attempted to put into my mouth. But this goose was fun, and this goose made our holiday merry and bright.

As did cute babies and Christmas morning with Corey on Skype.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

EVE 6!

Wow, blogging slump and a half, huh? Definitely have not been keeping up lately (not that there's been much to keep up with anyway). In any case, I'm back now because I can't NOT write about the show I went to this weekend. I'm still totally high on the experience (emotionally... I don't do the drugs. :) ).

You might remember Eve 6 (ya know, "wanna put my tender heart in a blender, watch it spin 'round to a beautiful oblivion") from like a decade ago. They put out 3 amazing albums that completely rocked my world. Then they went away. There were a couple side projects/psuedo almost-Eve6-like band start-ups in the form of Brotherhood of Lost Dogs (who I saw live) and The Sugi Tap (who I listened to from afar), but finally the OG, full-membered band has gotten back together and has recorded a new album that will be coming out in a few months. YAY!!

The show on Dec. 9th was in North Las Vegas (at the Access Showroom at the Aliante Station Hotel and Casino), so my friend Stanley and I flew out in the morning and killed time at the hotel/casino until the show later that night. It turned out that the band was staying at the same hotel, which gave me ample opportunity to finally work up the courage to actually meet all three members. See, I've seen them several times before, stood right next to them while my friends struck up casual conversations, brushed against Max at a bar, but have always been too chicken to actually speak to any of them. Not this time! I was determined not to be so shy. And it worked! Passing Tony by the hotel elevators, I walked right up and introduced myself (awkwardly, but whatchagonnado...). We chitchatted for a couple of minutes, and he was so nice! Then later I did the exact same thing when Max and John were walking through the casino. They were all SO NICE, and I was just so, so stoked. SO EXCITING!!

A terrible blurry picture, but that's Max Collins and my arm. Just chattin it up with Eve 6!

The show was amazing. Just awesome, no other words. Max's lyrics are fracking clever as all get-out, and his voice and the music are just... UUNNNGGG!! You know that noise I'm talking about?? They hit you down deep in the guts. If you've ever seen them live, you know. They rock. Hard. Here's a video Stan took:

Jon Siebels

Max Collins

Tony Fagenson

After the show they did a meet and greet, so we went through the line and got autographs and pictures and all that jazz. Awesomeness. I also made friends with a very cool girl who lives in LA and is a mondo fan, so now I'm happy to know I'll likely always have a show friend for those times I can't drag Stan with me. :)

It was such a great day! I'm hoping to see Max once more on a solo acoustic tour before I go back to Japan. We'll see if the dates work out...

Thanks Eve 6!! You'll always and forever be my favorite band in the world!