Thursday, June 14, 2012

Roadtrip Phase 2: The Best!

I ended my last post in a slightly dazed and lonely state somewhere in Washington waiting for Corey, crossing my fingers he would be arriving in a day or two. As I'm sure most of you know by now, he made it (he got the very last space-a seat on the only flight out that week)! Woohoo!

We had an awesome reunion in Seattle before taking off on our road trip down the west coast. We spent a busy day walking around Pike Place Market, seeing the Space Needle and the King Tut exhibit, and being in newly-reunited lovebird bliss (I know... gag. But it's true :D). 

Our next stop was down the Oregon Coast to Cannon Beach. I love this place. It's so beautiful and mellow. Here we did a lot of nothing: sat on the beach, sat in pubs, sat in restaurants. We did manage to go on one of the best runs I've ever been on early one drizzly morning along the beach. It was magical. 

Then it was time to hit up Portland (my favorite city, by far, anywhere ever). As it should be, we drank a lot of beer in Portland (we even went on a brewery tour of the city). We also ate a lot of food in Portland. That's pretty much what I remember about our 2 days there. Oh yeah, and there were rose gardens and Japanese gardens and book stores and bikes and such in between the beers...

Then there was Bend, OR (where we thought we wanted to move after this whole military stint is over. But noooooo, someone in our party thinks it's too desert-y... now the battle is on between Seattle and Portland). Again, we mostly just drank beer and sat around. I'll spare you the pictures.

We (hmm, maybe just I?) needed a little road-trip break at this point, so on our way down south we stopped at my mom's in SJ for a day. Picked up new clothes, ran off some of our quickly forming beer-guts, squeezed in some family (and cute baby) time, and refreshed. Lovely.

We hit the road again down to L.A. First stop was Disneyland. Yeah, we're kids. It was fun. Sort of... it was mostly just hot, actually.

Then it was time for Corey to join in my wonderful world of Eve6 madness. Guys, I think he's a convert! :) We met up with a couple of friends for a weekend of SO MUCH FUN I can't even stand it. We saw the band twice and just had the best time in the world hanging out with some of the best peeps in the world. 

And that completes my quick little play-by-play of our last week and a half. Aren't you glad you read this?

Now we're back in SJ waiting for my sister's wedding in just 10 short little days!! Bring it!!