Monday, January 17, 2011

Update (With a Mustache Bonus)

We're kicking along with daily life. I have nothing interesting to write about, but here are a couple of little random things I've been meaning to mention and haven't:

1. I have revamped my "Project 365" blog and turned it into a "Project 52" for this year. I think I'll actually stick with this one since it's more structured and fun. I'll post at least one picture a week (more if I'm inclined) surrounding a particular theme set forth by Digital Photography School. So if you'd like to follow along (or do one of your own and share), please do! Here's the link.

2. Corey grew a mustache for a little over a month as some kind of very strange group requirement for a snowboarding trip he went on a couple weeks ago. I think the point was so that they would accumulate snow mustaches as they went down the mountain... or something. I can't say I fully understand (or appreciate =P) the "look."

Ok, that's it for now. Winter is kind of boring. I need an adventure...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Watchful Snowman

We've got winter magic going on up here in Misawa! Puffy white snow has transformed the world. I'm so close to being a snowy-winter-loving convert. I'd be on board with it 100% if it weren't for having to drive on icy roads. I think that's something this California girl might never be fully comfortable with.

Corey and I went to Swan Park this weekend to play in the snow. While we were there, we threw snowballs (or more accurately, Corey threw them while I threatened horrific consequences should he nail my camera with said snowballs), watched the swans and ducks freezing their behinds off in the partially-frozen lake, and watched kiddos sledding down hills.

At the top of a big hill we built a little snowman. When it was time to leave, we made him a perch on a railing overlooking the whole park where we left him to sit and oversee all the winter fun. For the rest of the season, I like to think our little guy will be happily watching over us and bringing us snowy good cheer and safe-driving...

... unless the sun comes out and he melts.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Winter is very late to arrive in northern Japan this year. We've gotten some snow in Misawa now, but nothing big. The mountains nearby are doing a little bit better, but there are still some ski resorts that haven't been able to open and every weekend we hope rain won't come in and melt away the few precious centimeters there are. What's up?! It's January!

Anyway, Corey has been a couple of times, and I joined in for my first trip on Thursday. We went to Okunakayama, which is my favorite place because it has a nice big bunny slope (where I spend most of the day). The weather was gorgeous and although the mountain was pretty crowded, we all had a good time.

Corey's gotten SUPER into snowboarding and is dedicated to working his skill-level up. I, on the other hand, have more of a recreational attitude towards the sport (aka, I stink and don't particularly have a great desire to improve). I definitely enjoy it, but my favorite part is being on the mountain and taking in the views. I'd really prefer to just stay on the top of the mountain and take pictures all day, but I guess that's really not the point (plus, there's no way I'd bring my dslr up with me so I'm left with point-and-shoot photography which isn't nearly as fun).

Corey's leaving tomorrow for boy's snowboarding trip up to Hokkaido. Three or four days of non-stop snowboarding... sounds like fun (for him)!