Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Watchful Snowman

We've got winter magic going on up here in Misawa! Puffy white snow has transformed the world. I'm so close to being a snowy-winter-loving convert. I'd be on board with it 100% if it weren't for having to drive on icy roads. I think that's something this California girl might never be fully comfortable with.

Corey and I went to Swan Park this weekend to play in the snow. While we were there, we threw snowballs (or more accurately, Corey threw them while I threatened horrific consequences should he nail my camera with said snowballs), watched the swans and ducks freezing their behinds off in the partially-frozen lake, and watched kiddos sledding down hills.

At the top of a big hill we built a little snowman. When it was time to leave, we made him a perch on a railing overlooking the whole park where we left him to sit and oversee all the winter fun. For the rest of the season, I like to think our little guy will be happily watching over us and bringing us snowy good cheer and safe-driving...

... unless the sun comes out and he melts.


Leela said...

Love these. So much. Gorgeous.

Angie said... take such amazing pictures. loved them all :)