Monday, May 28, 2012

Road Trip Phase 1: Not the Best

I had a brilliant idea to spend this past week (what will hopefully be- fingers crossed- the last week waiting for Corey to get here!) on a road trip across a big honkin' chunk of the country I've never seen. This was my route- all 4,000 miles of it in 6 days:

So just by looking at that, you reading this (being of greater mental capacity and possessing more foresight ability than I've demonstrated recently) could have probably told me that it wasn't the best idea. But I likely wouldn't have listened to you anyway, so oh well. I figured: Hey, I like being by myself, and I like driving, and this has got to be more exciting than sitting around with Bernie for 6 days (no offense, Bernie...).

The first day was awesome. I drove 12 hours from SJ to Salt Lake City and had a ball singing along to Speak in Code at the top of my lungs and cruising down the open road. I didn't even mind all that much when I got my first ever speeding ticket in Nevada (whoops). It was a beautiful day all around.

I probably should have just turned around then and gone back to San Jose and left it at that.

The next day I gripped the steering wheel with white knuckles for like 6 hours through the state of Nebraska during a severe weather warning, watching a giant storm system get progressively more threateningly tornado-esque right alongside the highway. It never started rotating, but if you know me and my life-long phobia of tornadoes (thank you Twister), you can imagine that I was wishing I was anywhere else in the entire world than in Nebraska that evening.

Highlights from the other 4 days have included:

-Breathtaking sights of Mt. Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota.

-Snow closing a bunch of roads into Yellowstone allowing me to instead spend a lovely night in Billings, Montana eating Outback take-out in a questionable motel room.

-Near constant thunderstorms dampening almost any opportunity for awesome photography views.

-Snow all throughout Montana making my wardrobe of t-shirts and tank tops rather useless.

-My phone's GPS deciding this would be a great time to no longer operate.

-A strangely dazed mental state thanks to an average of 9 hours of driving across plains every day.

The non-sarcastic highlight of the trip was seeing Eve 6 yet again (they just happened to be playing in Minneapolis... funny how that worked out!). This was the only day I had actual conversations with other human beings aside from gas station and hotel attendants. Believe it or not, I have actually gotten lonely on this trip. I wasn't sure it could happen given my introverted, loner tendencies, but I must admit this trip has been a bit too isolating. There's just nothing out here... I didn't even see a Starbucks for like 4 days. Can you imagine?!

Anyway, I'm in Washington now waiting for Corey. I'll enjoy staying in one place for a day or two before Corey gets here and we take off on Roadtrip: Phase 2! I'm sure that half will be much more exciting. I can't wait!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eclipse Beach Day in Half Moon Bay

I always have the funnest days with my sister and her very-soon-to-be-husband Chris. I just wanted to state that first thing.

Yesterday we went for a picnic on the beach in Half Moon Bay with some funny friends of theirs to watch the eclipse/sunset. It was so simple, but such a fun afternoon. We had champagne, the most delicious snacky meal I've had in eons (cranberry hazelnut crackers with yummy blue cheese- I couldn't handle the deliciousness!!), and just enjoyed the views in good company.

I think every day should be like this one.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Alderson, West Virginia

On Mother's Day this year, I happened to find myself very near the tiny town where one of my grandmas (my mom's mom) grew up.

While driving the 12 hours from Maryland to Nashville on my Eve6 road trip, I took the opportunity to make a little one-hour detour to see the town I've spent my whole life hearing family stories about. I saw the old train station where my great-grandfather's mail was delivered twice a day, the street my grandma spent most of her childhood growing up on, the Presbyterian church which was the center of most of her life during those years, the bridge where a very young version of me apparently watched some lackluster fireworks on the 4th of July one year at a family reunion, and the one and only restaurant in town. It really is a tiny little place.

It was just a quick drive-through visit, but it was nice to feel connected to my grandma (and my mom) that particular day by being in a place that meant so much to her. It's been 7 years since she passed away now... crazy. I still love and miss her very much. And I love you too, Mom!! Happy belated Mother's Day (again)!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Don't Even Know How To Title This...

... because it is too awesome for words.

I thought my last Eve 6 experience was amazing, well this past week month has blown that out of the water. With the whole first-album-release-in-9-years dream come true aspect of this Speak In Code tour, I was determined to get my fill of my most favoritist favorite band in all the land. And, uh, I did. (To those who would chastise me for excessiveness- lalala, I can't hear you!)

Between Sacramento, two trips to L.A., Poughkeepsie NY, Sayreville NJ, Towson MD, and Nashville TN, I saw my boys for 6 tour shows including VIP soundchecks and meet and greets, one Grammy Museum album-release event, and a couple random acoustic mini performances. Ok, fine, it was excessive. I don't care. I'm going to more next month too. I had so much fun and met some amazing, AMAZING new friends that I'll love forever and ever.

And thanks to all this Eve 6 stalking supporting, the band and I are pretty much BFFs now. There were SO MANY completely cool moments with them, but my little fan heart was filled to the brink on Monday night in Nashville when I got the chance to sing their song "Everything" them on stage during a soundcheck. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity, right?! So you can't really hear me sing at all (which is for the best, trust me) and I bounce around like a goober, but this video is still my favorite thing... pretty much ever:

Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Whenever I croak, it will be as a happy lady.

Thank you Max, Jon and Tony for getting your ish back together "just enough" to give us fans another magical, wonderful album and many fantastic new memories! It was SO worth the wait. You've made one girl very happy. Until next time!