Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Don't Even Know How To Title This...

... because it is too awesome for words.

I thought my last Eve 6 experience was amazing, well this past week month has blown that out of the water. With the whole first-album-release-in-9-years dream come true aspect of this Speak In Code tour, I was determined to get my fill of my most favoritist favorite band in all the land. And, uh, I did. (To those who would chastise me for excessiveness- lalala, I can't hear you!)

Between Sacramento, two trips to L.A., Poughkeepsie NY, Sayreville NJ, Towson MD, and Nashville TN, I saw my boys for 6 tour shows including VIP soundchecks and meet and greets, one Grammy Museum album-release event, and a couple random acoustic mini performances. Ok, fine, it was excessive. I don't care. I'm going to more next month too. I had so much fun and met some amazing, AMAZING new friends that I'll love forever and ever.

And thanks to all this Eve 6 stalking supporting, the band and I are pretty much BFFs now. There were SO MANY completely cool moments with them, but my little fan heart was filled to the brink on Monday night in Nashville when I got the chance to sing their song "Everything" them on stage during a soundcheck. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity, right?! So you can't really hear me sing at all (which is for the best, trust me) and I bounce around like a goober, but this video is still my favorite thing... pretty much ever:

Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Whenever I croak, it will be as a happy lady.

Thank you Max, Jon and Tony for getting your ish back together "just enough" to give us fans another magical, wonderful album and many fantastic new memories! It was SO worth the wait. You've made one girl very happy. Until next time!


Marianne said...

How cool is that??? You look so happy to be there- and they obviously know you, which is just rad. You are such a lucky duck!

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