Monday, January 17, 2011

Update (With a Mustache Bonus)

We're kicking along with daily life. I have nothing interesting to write about, but here are a couple of little random things I've been meaning to mention and haven't:

1. I have revamped my "Project 365" blog and turned it into a "Project 52" for this year. I think I'll actually stick with this one since it's more structured and fun. I'll post at least one picture a week (more if I'm inclined) surrounding a particular theme set forth by Digital Photography School. So if you'd like to follow along (or do one of your own and share), please do! Here's the link.

2. Corey grew a mustache for a little over a month as some kind of very strange group requirement for a snowboarding trip he went on a couple weeks ago. I think the point was so that they would accumulate snow mustaches as they went down the mountain... or something. I can't say I fully understand (or appreciate =P) the "look."

Ok, that's it for now. Winter is kind of boring. I need an adventure...


Angie said...

ha! love the way he posed for the picture. making him look a little douchy. lol

Snow said...

I had been stewing about this for a while and now I know who he looks like. Cary Elwes from The Princess Bride!