Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home Again

Well I'm back from my trip to the states. I got home around midnight yesterday after 28 long hours of travel (very, very long hours). Luckily everything went smoothly, and I must say it feels really nice to be back home (it would be nicer if my husband had come back with me, but I guueeesss I can wait another 2 weeks until he gets here). 

I had a great time on both coasts! It was so good to see all my friends and family in CA that I've been missing like crazy. I got to spend tons of time with my sister even though she was crazy busy getting ready for her first year teaching:
I had sleepovers, bike rides, many meals and fun times with my best buddy Stanley:I got to spend time with my parents AND my cousins for two weeks, which was awesome. I got to see my baby cousin start walking by herself for the first time and took in a looooot of cuteness while I was there!I got to enjoy a meal and margaritas with some of the best ladies in NorCal: And tons of other fun stuff. It was a great two weeks in California!

My time on the east coast was short, but great! Corey and I had a couple of days to ourselves in Maryland before heading up to Massachusetts to visit his family over Labor Day weekend. It was a great visit and I'm really glad we got the opportunity to see all of them, even if it was short. It's been way too long! I didn't remember to take many pictures, but here's Corey and his sister: 
While in Mass., Corey and I spent our first anniversary together at the wedding of a childhood friend of Corey's, and we had a really good time! The couple made a special announcement congratulating us on our anniversary and presented us with a rose, and we got to dance the night away and bring back all the memories of OUR wedding. It was great! 
Now after all that, I'm back in Japan feeling refreshed and happy to be back (although I miss everyone already of course). Can't wait for the next trip!


Cara said...

Soo good to see you !! Come back really soon, Umm K ?

margery said...

It was great to see you Patty!! Cute dress you're wearing at the wedding, by the way. I guess you and Corey will have no trouble remembering that friend's anniversary now. Hope you have some fun in the upcoming weeks while waiting for Corey to join you again.

Margaret Muench said...

We're so glad you were able to be home for a while. Seems like the whole trip went well. Loved your pictures and comments. Come back any time!