Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Goodbyes and Karaoke

As the last of the original group of friends we made when we first moved to Japan are packing up and leaving as I write, I can't help but think about how crazy it is that we've already been here for well over a year. As of now we've said goodbye to most of the people we have gotten to know during that time, and it definitely feels a little strange. Such is the nature of military life, I suppose. With every person that leaves, someone else comes, so hopefully we'll be meeting new friends in the coming months (as well as enjoying the couple of really good friends we're lucky to still have around). Plus, with everyone moving away, we now have friends all over the world and lots of couches to crash on when we travel! :)

We went out this past weekend for one last night of karaoke glory. Good times!
We'll miss you guys. :)


Stefanie K. said...

Awww, lookie how Corey looks at you!! He looooves you :) Super cute.

Shelly Meron said...

Agree with Stef! Way cute :)

And yes, I've consoled myself when friends have moved away with the knowledge that we can couch surf when we travel to their neck of their woods. Gotta find the positive in it somehow!

Marianne said...

Were those taken with your new camera? They're awesome pictures! I mean, they were obviously edited, but they're VERY cool.

Oh, and it looks like you had a great time! :) Alright, you can come home now so we can be best friends, mmmkay?

StumpyG said...

Haha, thanks guys. We're schmoopy.

Marianne- Yup, I've been having fun with my camera and playing around with Photoshop. And hopefully I'll be home again someday to take you up on the best friend offer! :)