Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Cherry Blossoms

Maybe this is cherry blossom overkill, but I'm not sure such a thing exists. They'll be gone in no time, so I'm getting my pictures while the gettin's good.

Now that the sun rises at like 4:30am, it's hard to sleep in. By 5:30am I was parking my car at the swan park to take some pics in the cool morning light. I figured I'd have the park to myself at that early hour, but not only were there half a dozen cars in the parking lot, there were parents and kids hitting balls in the baseball field and a fancy-pants photographer staking out his tripod-ed vantage point at the lake. Really? Guess I'm not the only one getting up with the sun. Oh well.


Marianne said...

The last one is my absolute favorite. It looks like a painting (cliche, I know... but it does)!

John Nieuwsma said...

Very amazing photos. I love them.

Cara said...

LOOVVVVEEEEEEEE !!!! want to come see in person someday !