Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Tomorrow I'm going under the knife. I'm going to be invaded and slashed open and have chunks of my body removed.

Ok, I'm being dramatic. I'm just having my wisdom teeth taken out. However, given the level of nerves I'm feeling about the whole thing, you'd think my life hung in the balance. I've prepared a stash of mush to consume for the days following the surgery:
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I have to laugh at the differences between the military dental clinic I'm using here in Japan and the nice civilian office my sister had the same procedure done in while I was visiting this summer. She got a group of super friendly, attentive and reassuring doctors and nurses telling her exactly what to expect and a whole packet full of detailed pre and post-op instructions. She got the happy happy valium to take before the whole ordeal so she'd be relaxed and carefree. It was as comfortable an experience as you can get with this kind of surgery- kinda like a dental vacation resort.

Here, on the other hand, so far I've gotten one cold surgeon who speed-ran through a memorized script of basic explanations, a one page printout of instructions (half of which was devoted to things like "Do not work with weapons or classified materials for 24 hours after surgery"... darn, ruins my plans for recovery), a staunch "no" to my inquiry about anti-nerve drugs, and a kick out the door.

Sounds like a bum deal, but I'm not necessarily knocking it; my sis' surgery cost thousands out of pocket, and I don't have to pay a dime. In the end, we both will have our wisdom teeth out. So I'm not sure who's getting the better deal.

Wish me luck! I plan to spend the rest of today eating all the crunchy foods I can and pacing the living room trying to calm my fears.


Marianne said...

Aww... bummer. Good luck, and everyone's experience is different, but I hope yours is smooth and recovery is painless. I think most of them are. And enjoy those nice "soft" foods!

Stefanie K. said...

Aw, that sucks! :( Will be thinking of you though. I'm sure it'll go great. Keep us updated though, and enjoy your mushy food.

Peter and Stephanie said...

lol military care sucks....the docs have no choice to but rush rush rush :(
if you have any questions at all about anything please just ask us :) too bad pete couldn't have taken them out for you! He likes to call himself "painless pete" lol
actually, that is just one of his video game aliases.....anyway, best of luck and do post some chipmunk cheek photos!!!!! :)