Friday, June 3, 2011

Aomori Art Museum

Last weekend we took a trip to the Aomori Art Museum. It was... strange.

Sculpture by Yoshitomo Nara

This giant dog was the only exhibit that could be photographed, but others on display included neon fish/penis sculptures displayed in dioramas alongside detached clay noses, a post-apocolyptic-looking beach set up with huge brains in beach chairs, melted people, and a baby's cry playing on a loudspeaker audible in most of the entire museum, and a series of paintings that all included hidden (pardon my language, but for lack of any word that would make it more pleasant...) assholes.

There were more, shall we say... traditional pieces too that were nice. It was an interesting museum. Is that the right word? Interesting? Sure.


Barbara said...

Wow - Your comments make me kind of glad that this was the only one you were allowed to photograph. I like this one though; kind of cool!

winterorchids said...

LOL! This place sounds AWESOME.

Nathaniel said...

Top drawer way to be a dick: watermark the photo of the art with your name; don't credit the artist.

Patty said...

Ouch, thanks Nathaniel. Wasn't thinking with that one- I post my pics to a smugmug gallery that automatically watermarks, and I just wasn't thinking. But you're right, that was lame. It's fixed now! Sorry for the offense.

Pete 'n Stephy said...

i <3 conceptual weird art! i hope to make it back to that museum again before we PCS...not kid friendly though! lol Nathaniel didn't need to say it like that...sheeeesh! brush it off :)