Sunday, August 14, 2011

Roadtrip Part 2: Bryce Canyon National Park

I've seen a decent sampling of awe-inspiring sights in my life. The Great Wall of China is pretty amazing. Hawaiian sunsets, the top of the world on Mt. Fuji, the quiet beauty of Scottish isles, the majestic Canadian Rockies- all very nice. Yet none of these places have taken my breath away like Bryce Canyon did.

Literally. I gasped as my breath caught in my chest when I stepped out and looked over the rim for the first time to see this sight:

The view was so unexpected and overwhelming. With the endless towering hoodoos and the bright orange and pink rock, this place is completely other-worldly and just plain spectacular. I've never seen anything like it (and I'm pretty sure there IS no other place like Bryce to see in the whole world).

We spent 2 nights camping here. Two beautiful, unforgettable nights. We battled harsh elevation headaches, middle-of-the-night raging thunderstorms, and a broken camp stove, but the natural beauty we got to see made up for all that.

We spent our days here driving the length of the park and stopping to take in the sights and hike a bit at each of the viewpoints along the way. We did one slightly bigger hike at the popular Navajo/Queen's Landing loop that took us down into the canyon for some amazing views.

We also spent a lot of time hanging out at our campsite playing games, eating and relaxing. Many games of beans were played...

Bryce is phenomenal. You should go there. End of story.

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LizzB said...

Ooooh, LOVE your pictures! Are you and your sis doing a summer road trip! Perfect timing!

Michelle said...

What an amazing endorsement for Bryce! It looks stunning!