Monday, July 30, 2012

Have You Heard the News?!

Holy smokes, guys- it's hot. And moist. So very moist. Everything in our house is damp. I think my lungs might be molding. Today the sun rose before 4am, I'm staring at a Costco-sized battery operated auto-trigger bottle of bug spray (which I have yet to use because that would mean actually going out onto the porch where the dozens of quarter-sized spiders are waiting to attack me), and everywhere- EVERYWHERE- smells like manure. That can only mean one thing: it's summer in Misawa. It won't last long (at least shouldn't, typically historically ohmygodplease), but while it's here, it's kind of like death. Except death is quicker and less melty, generally speaking.

My point in all this complaining is that while I suffer through what will be our very last Misawa summer, I've been channeling images of a cooler, more moderate and refreshing locale. The kind of place where a cool ocean mist kisses your face when you walk out the door, and the temperature rarely gets above 80. The kind of place where we can trade in fans and dehumidifiers (and snow jackets and boots, for that matter) for a light hoody. The kind of place where one can buy local fresh fruit for less than the cost of rent (seriously, there were packs of 4 strawberries for $6 at the store the other day and our monthly apple budget is $120. Not like an iPhone plan. Literally, apples.).

The kind of place where Corey and I are moving next summer.

Monterey, California!!

Corey has gotten a position as a language instructor at DLI at the Presidio (where he learned Chinese... aww, he's all grown up now), so we will be packing up and heading back to CA early summer of next year! We are VERY excited to get this assignment. While we'll inevitably be sad to leave Japan, the time has come and we're definitely ready to get back home. 

But not before a few more adventures on this side of the world! Stay tuned...


Patty said...

He learned Chinese? That's awesome! What an amazing job opportunity!

The sun rose before 4am? What the hell. That's both upsetting and confusing.

Stefanie K. said...

I am so thrilled by this news. Thrilled you'll be closerby, and also just plain thrilled FOR YOU. *I* want to live in Monterey!! Pretty awesomesauce. Yay!!

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margaret said...