Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Bake Sale, You Say?


I spent an entire day baking for some sort of fundraiser at Corey's work. Since I'm being all healthy and junk these days and don't bake for myself anymore, I took this opportunity to go all out. I logged onto Pinterest, picked 6 things out of the hundreds of tantalizing pictures, and went to town.

S'mores Cookies (oh goodness, these S'mores cookies!)

You might not think this is an exciting post, but I sure do. The baked goods are gone from the house, but the photos live on. I think I'll make one my desktop picture.

I love you, sugar, butter, and flour.


margaret said...

These look delish! How many did you sample before you boxed them up?? Did Corey get any? Oh, those lucky folks who will get to eat these.

LizzyB said...

OMG THOSE LOOK AMAZING! I remember when you sent me cookes while I was deployed. I have so many of those baked goods pinned and I know I'll never make them because they are like 45 step processes. You are such a great mil wife - Corey's a lucky man.

Barbara said...

Oh yum - Beautiful!