Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Close call!

So Corey was just told (after specifically asking MONTHS ago and being told the opposite) that I will in fact need a government passport for our move to Japan.  We're supposed to leave in roughly 6 weeks, and technically they say it takes 8 weeks to process (although the gal there told us it's been taking 3-4 weeks recently, so we have our fingers crossed).

So we go down bright and early yesterday morning to the base office to be sure we're there right when it opens. We spend almost an hour figuring out which forms to fill out and how to do it (because, of course, like all things military, no one in the office knows what is going on). I've brought all my documents- birth certificate, social security card, marriage license, military ID and current regular passport. We finally get done with everything, turn in the paperwork with my current passport for them to send out, and then leave and cross our fingers that my new passport will be here in time.

Corey and I go to the gym on base and play a fun game of raquetball, carefree as birds.

We're in the car driving home, and the conversation turns to our trip to Mexico for Thanksgiving. All of a sudden Corey turns to me and says, "Ummm... We're going to Mexico. You need your passport!"


So we drive back as fast as we can praying that they haven't sent out our stuff yet. We were in luck! So we spend another hour RE-filling out all the forms in a different way so that I won't have to give them my current passport. But we left the building with our forms taken care of and my passport in hand! So all is well!


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Patty said...

Oh my God, how stressful! Glad things worked out for you :)