Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's just about 4am and I haven't gotten to sleep yet. Dang it. I'm quite tired, but once I hit the pillow my brain just starts turning. For instance, I just remembered that I need to get my car smog checked and update the registration soon. Which got me thinking about how we need to sell both our cars, which is going to be a major pain and a money-losing endeavor, which stresses me out to the max. ARG! Anyone want to buy a 2002 Honda Civic or a 2007 Honda Accord???

Another thing I can't stop thinking about is getting our wedding photos. It's been 8 weeks and we still don't have them! We're only getting digital copies, so I'm not quite sure what the hold up is. Most people say it's typical to get them within 4 weeks. So grrr. I'm REALLY looking forward to making a wedding scrapbook and doing some fun things with them before we have to pack up all our stuff. I want to get a move on!!

As a side note, I rented the first season of Arrested Development tonight and got a decent way into it. I know it's supposed to be this amazingly awesome show and everyone loves it, but I'm just not digging it that much to be honest. A couple characters are funny, but otherwise... eh. I find my attention wandering a lot. 

Alright, bedtime- take 2...

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