Thursday, July 9, 2009

All we want is a dog. :(

Corey and I are dyyyying to get another dog. He or she would fit in perfectly with our little family right now. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to have pets in our house. Even with a hefty pet deposit, the answer is a big fat no- believe me, we've asked (and asked and asked). Based on everyone else we know living off-base, we're the only area that isn't allowed them. SUCKAGE! So the question is: is it worth it to move (with all the stress and work that involves) at some point to a house that probably will be less cool than the one we have now so that we can get a dog? We haven't totally ruled it out.

This weekend one of our friends brought his dog camping with us, and it was so fun to have one around again. This is Bruiser, an adorable little french bulldog and the best behaved dog I've ever met:
Have you ever seen a dog sit patiently within tongue-range of a plate full of cooked, aromatic bacon and not even attempt to sneak a little piece? Bruiser did. He patiently waited until someone put a piece into his mouth, or he didn't eat any at all. He didn't bark. He didn't beg. He stayed with our group, even when he wasn't on his leash. He hiked up a mountain with us. He slept through the night by our sides. He was sweet, lovable, affectionate, and super low-maintenance. We love Bruiser.

Boo. We need a dog!


haljoachim said...

Geez! Bernie is a good boy, but Bruiser sounds like a saint!

margery said...

Sounds like, short of moving, the only other solution is to have kids instead =)

Cara said...

I want one soooo badly too, but I'm snobby and only want a particular, expensive breed (king charles cavalier spaniel) , so either gotta wait until rescue is availabe in our area, or until we are working and have $$ to spend on a puppy from a breeder. BOOOOOO