Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mmm... salmon!

We went to the Oirase Salmon Festival this weekend with our awesome new friends Ed and Chessa and their two adorable daughters. Here's what happens at these festivals: the organizers fill several large ponds with live salmon, and you buy a ticket that allows you to wade into the ponds and attempt to catch a fish (which you then get to keep). If you are unable to catch a salmon (they're slippery little buggers), you're given a pre-caught one so that your ticket purchase isn't a complete waste. There are several group salmon catches throughout the day, spaced apart so the salmon have time to calm down between each catch. People get excited. It's general merriment for all (except the salmon, probably).

The boys were particularly excited about this activity. Here are Ed and Corey just after they caught their salmon:

I've got to say, either I got really lucky and happened to grab a particularly lethargic salmon before our side of the pond got too riled up, or I am the world's best fish-catcher. I caught my fish FAST. Like, I stepped in the pond, reached down, and picked up a fish as if it was the easiest thing in the world. See for yourself:

Afterwards we were cold, muddy and wet, so we enjoyed some hot festival ramen before heading home.
We ate some of our catch last night, and we now have about a year's worth of salmon fillets sitting in the freezer. Anyone want to come over for dinner??


Peter and Stephanie said...

i would come over for some dinner but pete and i both don't really like salmon...

congrats on your big catch though!! i'm happy you went even though the weather was poo.

Jamers said...

Wow! You're quick! I hate fishing, but that kinda looked like fun. Enjoy all that salmon!

margery said...

Wow, those are great videos. I wish we could take you up on your offer of some salmon. If you really have a year's supply though, maybe we can. Those are huge fish. Must have been heavy!

Kimberly C. said...

That was a pretty awesome catch Patty! Even my hubs was impressed. I was laughing and he was like "What's so funny?!"

margaret said...

That video of you just reaching down and picking up the fish is so good it's hilarious - I had to watch it several times and enjoyed a chuckle each time. Wow - can you catch a fish (at least one!)