Friday, December 11, 2009

Squid Spaghetti

We went to Antonio's, an "italian"* restaurant here in Misawa, a few weeks ago and Corey ordered squid ink pasta. It was a bowl of black goop which smelled very... squid-y. He ate the whole thing. His mouth was stained black for the rest of the night.
*I use quotes as the Japanese take on Italian food tends to be rather weak. This restaurant was decent though. I liked it (but that may be because I miss Italian food so much and this is as close as it gets here).


Peter and Stephanie said...


I actually LOVE the italian here...Angelos is really yummy and Peschis is good too!! Let me know if you want directions to Pechis (or however you spell it) it has a really cute atmosphere but pretty much all there is to choose from is spaghetti...but it is SO yummy!
That was a really long sentense lol I just get excited about italian food =)

Peter and Stephanie said...

sentence. i swear i know how to spell!

Peter and Stephanie said...
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