Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sayoonara, 2009!

Less than 8 hours from now, 2009 will be nothing but memories. I honestly think this was probably the very best year of my life so far- so full of excitement and adventure! I'm so truly, deeply thankful for all the amazing opportunities we've been given and for all the astounding people in my life who have made this year unforgettable. I've always gotten a little too sentimental on New Year's Eve (my sister likes to tell the story of me as a kid, crying as I said goodbye to 1992 because I was going to miss it), but I just can't help it- closing a year full of amazing memories calls for a dose of sentiment in my opinion.

These are the top 10 things I will remember about 2009:

1. Moving to Japan (duh, right?)
2. Breaking my arm and the subsequent 3 months of physical therapy (this one wasn't so great)
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3. Settling into our new home4. Seeing the Japanese cherry blossoms in spring5. Scuba diving for the first time and camping in Tappi
6. Our friends Nate and Kara getting married (in addition to all the other nights of karaeoke and fun times with friends in Misawa)7. Climbing Mt. Fuji!!!8. Exploring Tokyo (on a couple different occasions)9. Seeing the beauty of fall in northern Japan10. Some family coming out to see us for Christmas
Looking forward...
Happy New Year!! Here's to 2010! I hope it's a great year for everyone!

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