Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trim Up the Tree With Christmas Stuff

It's a holiday winter wonderland up around these parts. I have for your viewing pleasure a bajillion pictures of Christmas-y Misawa...

First of all, some lights around town:
The display at American Park

A Christmas tree made up entirely of recycled plastic bottles

A couple houses on base all lit up

Then we have the Garson family decorations:
Our big ol' tree

Corey's candy pagoda and my little candy cabin (we had a gingerbread house-making party with some friends today)

The ornament wreath I made this year

Our small tree with the cute little snowmen I love dearly

A small sample of the dozens of cookies I've been baking this season

And finally, a couple random December pictures:
A quiet, calm snowy night-time walk

Us after an offical Air Force event (my first one ever!)

See, I told you- a bajillion pictures.


haljoachim said...

Your tree!
Oooooh, ooki!

Anonymous said...
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