Saturday, February 20, 2010

Towadako Snow Festival

Today we took a little trip out to Lake Towada to see the snow festival they put on every winter. It involves normal festival fare- food, activities, family fun for all- plus a lot of snow. It was cool. Well, cool-ish. We enjoyed it because we had nothing better to do on this Saturday afternoon, but it wasn't mind-blowing or anything. After the 2 hour drive to get out there, walking around for 20 minutes and looking at snow in various forms was a little anti-climactic. But it was nice to spend an afternoon doing something other than snowboarding during the long, boring winter. It was snowing too much for me to feel safe bringing out my cool camera, but I took some shots with my old cheapy.

There were half a dozen life-size walk-in igloos like the one above built. Some of them were decked out. Why not take a nap inside?Various snow/ice sculptures were on display. Corey found Princess Unicorn- her horn can pierce the sky (anyone who gets the reference is automatically cool).They had a snow stage with some cool images (which I think is used for band performances at night time before a fireworks show- this probably would have been a better place to visit at night). Oh, and these pics weren't taken in black and white- the day really was just this dreary.And finally, this cute and impossible-to-get-away-from kitty was perched outside the Towadako post office.


Neshanne said...

wow those sculptures are amazing, Anchorage does the same thing every year with the start of the Iditarod.

marissa said...

Ohmigosh! I totally sang the song and did the finger horn. LOL!
It looks like so much fun! =) I'm glad you guys had a great time.

PS: Did you know Princess Unicorn has a website?.... and her mom was "Queen of the Princesses"?

Princess-Girl95 said...

cute :)