Monday, April 6, 2009

Japan Day

This past Saturday was "Japan Day" on base. Now if you're thinking, "Japan day? The base is IN Japan, isn't EVERYDAY Japan day?" then you share my sentiments. Yet "Japan day" it was nonetheless. I guess it's good for those poor souls who never leave the gates and don't otherwise get to see any Japanese culture or try any Japanese food. Anyway, we went and walked around for a bit. It was kind of cute actually, and if we had kids I could have seen staying there for a while as there were lots of crafty kiddy things to do and see. One really cool thing they had going on was a Taiko drum team doing a performance. I've decided Taiko drums are AWESOME and I kinda want to learn to play them! In person they're totally mesmerizing and I dig them so much! Here's a little 45 second video I took:

P.S. Thank you so much to everyone who sent along birthday wishes this weekend! I felt special. :)

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