Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well crap.

Yesterday we were picnicking in the park and enjoying spring to the fullest, and today we walked out of the commisary to see this:
Fan-freaking-tastic. The weather gods missed the memo that it's APRIL 26TH!!! Stop snowing!!!! 

On top of dealing with snow, Corey twisted his ankle on the treadmill today and then we got into a car accident. There's this semi-deadly blind corner on the little street coming out of our neighborhood, and the mirror that's set up there to check for traffic was covered in snow. While carefully inching out and trying to see what we could, we got hit by a woman coming up the road. It was totally non-scary in terms of crashes and no one was even close to being injured, but we had to sit around in our cars in the snow for a couple hours while both Japanese and American military cops did their reports and what not. It was a drag. Luckily there's nothing really to fix on our car (just a little dent). The other lady's car was more messed up, so we'll see what insurance has to say about that. Both parties are considered at fault in our case, and the translator said the insurance company will notify us after they go over the case if they determine we owe any "fees." So we shall see. 

Poor Corey is more than ready for this day to be over. Me too, actually.


Terry said...

Sorry to read about your bad day today... but the pictures of the cherry blossoms from the previous post were lovely. Hope things go well with the ankle and car, as for the snow -- it does end eventually!

Purple said...

Oh MAN! I hope that tomorrow is as good as yesterday was... and that today is just a blip on the radar.

Cara said...

=( Hope tomorrow is better ! (or is it tomorrow there already ?!)

Stefanie K. said...

What the hell?!?! Snow? It was pretty and Springy yesterday! You poor things. Rest well, and hopefully tomorrow will be better (or is it tomorrow already?...confusing...) :) Hope you guys feel better.