Monday, June 1, 2009

Final piece of Yellow House Tour

We left off with the guest bedroom at the end of the hall, down here:
Turn to the left, and you'll be ready to enter the final room of the house: the master bedroom.
The master bath is in that door to the left (you'll excuse me if I don't post a picture of that- it isn't in photo-op condition today). 

It has a nice big closet which actually has much more space than our walk-in did at our last apartment (pardon the clutter).

Ta-da! There you have it- a complete tour of our little yellow house. Hope you enjoyed it, and come visit us and see it yourself, mmmk????


Purple said...

You have quite a bit of space there, lucky duck!

Thanks for the tour!

Terry said...

Glad to have seen the tour! Thanks for sharing your home and all of your adventures in Misawa. In 30 years you will be glad to have these pictures of your home. I don't have many, I wish I did. Wow, what a closet!