Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Things to Look Forward To

It's been a rough week. A very rough week. I got knocked out by a cold/flu bug and am just now coming back to life. It feels good! Unfortunately, I think Corey is now coming down with it. Hopefully it won't get as bad as mine did. 
Maybe what made me feel better was thinking about the awesome things we have coming up! First of all, we're planning a super fun camping trip on 4th of July weekend with some cool new friends (one of whom happens to be a certified scuba instructor). On this camping trip, along with having boatloads of fun, we're gonna get scuba certified! Woohoo! 

Then at the end of July we've signed up for a trip down to Tokyo to climb Mt. Fuji! The trip they offer through base is an AWESOME deal, and we're looking forward to spending a long day climbing the 3776 meter mountain and galavanting around Tokyo for a couple of days. It's gonna be SWEET!

And then, there's the flirting little whisper of an idea of coming out to CA/MD for a few weeks in August and September. We shall see... Oooohhhh boy!!!


haljoachim said...

WOW - scuba certified, Mt Fuji, Tokyo, maybe CA.
Couldn't wait for real news before updating your blog?

margery said...

What a cool summer ahead! You guys are sure going full-speed-ahead at sightseeing and adventure travelling in Japan so far. Good for you. No, I'm not jealous =)

AND a maybe-trip to California too?! I hope we'll be there when you come if you do come. It would be such a treat to see you again!