Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Happiness!

Woops, I've been a sucky blogger lately. Sorry about that. Corey got home a couple of weeks ago and we've been catching up on our hanging out/husband&wife time and getting back into the swing of our "normal" lives (I use quotes because I still can't believe this is our normal life- isn't "normal" supposed to be less fun and exciting??). In any case, hopefully I'll get back to more regular updates from now on.
Rice field behind our house

The seasons have definitely shifted and we're in solid fall now. I'm LOVING it! Much less rain than in the summer, cool and crisp air without being too cold, no snow yet (I'm shuddering at the thought), and beautiful colors all around! The weather has sparked major happy feelings, and we've been having so much fun walking/running around town and getting out of the house and taking advantage of the niceness while it lasts.
The backside of our house (ours is the farthest orange one) and the big squash fields that look like they belong on Farmville. :)

I think I've mentioned this before (and I'm totally re-exposing my nerd-ness here), but I find it extremely interesting watching the seasons change and seeing the agricultural cycles in action. Living my whole life in CA, I had never seen real seasons before this, and obviously I've never lived in such a rural environment where there is so much farming going on. It's fascinating to watch the world change from dead nothingness in the middle of winter, to fresh, unbelievably green foliage in spring, and see crops, flowers and trees blossom and wilt over and over with new colors for each season. Too cool!
The new bright flower colors popping up all over the place (pardon the picture quality- I just snapped this from the car as we were driving by)

What most of the countryside looks like right now

I hope everyone else is having a great fall too! And I promise, more posts soon to come.


Marianne said...

These pictures make me so happy! It looks beautiful there. I lived for 12 years in the midwest, and the changing seasons are a lot of fun to watch. Lucky you!

Terry said...

Your talk of changing seasons brings back memories for me too. One of the first places we lived before going to Misawa was Maryland. Who knew it rained in the SUMMER! Rain is a winter weather in central Cal (as you well know). I loved seeing my first fall in Maryland -- what colors!! Glad you are enjoying Misawa!

GatorGirl said...

Ha! That's funny that you mentioned Farmville, because the moment I saw the picture of the rice field, I thought to myself, "Wow its just like on Farmville!". That made me laugh.