Monday, October 5, 2009

Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge

This weekend we decided to go out for a drive and headed over to Lake Towada (about an hour and a half's drive to the west). That place is gorgeous, and we had such a fantastic morning walking/driving around, taking in all the scenery. Here are some pictures we took:
How pretty is that?! Weather permitting (cross your fingers), we're planning to go back in 2 weeks and do a full long hike through the gorge, whereas this weekend we just drove through and got out to walk around every now and then.

We're loving Japan more and more every day!


margaret said...

Wow - new posts at last!! Pictures are gorgeous - your outings seem really magnificent. Here in Seoul we are also experiencing delightful fall weather - but of course we are stuck in the often smoggy city. Still, there is clearly more seasonal change here than at home, and I too am looking forward to the changes - even the winter... I guess! Hope your long hike works out.

Jamers said...

It's so gorgeous there! I'm glad you two are enjoying it!

Peter and Stephanie said...

awww I would totally do that whole gorge walk...but it definitely won't be happening this season. I can barely walk from the bedroom to the kitchen without feeling like I'm going to pee my pants! lol