Friday, October 16, 2009

Learning Japanese

It's definitely time to make some serious headway into learning the language of the country we live in. It's becoming rather tiresome to know nothing other than "Hi, bye, how are you, water please" and other similar simple phrases. It's easy to be lazy with language-learning in Misawa; there are a lot of other English-speakers around, and the town is set up to make a lot of allowances for us non-Japanese speaking Americans. It's fairly easy to get by with what we know now, but we're ready to do more than just "get by."

After waiting months and months for our "turn" to use the free version of Rosetta Stone available through the library on base (to a limited number of people at a time), only to miss the week our turn came up when we were back in the states and get put back on the bottom of the list, we decided to break down and buy our own copy of the software. Expensive- yes, but ultimately worth it in the end- or so we're hoping.

There is also an interesting sounding class on Japanese language and culture offered by the International Center in Misawa starting in November that we hope to take. So hopefully, slowly but surely, we'll make progress and be speaking up a Japanese storm soon enough!


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margery said...

That's awesome guys! Congratulations on your efforts. I know what you mean about it being easy to be lazy about language learning when you have other English speakers around, and also now, for my part, how easy to be lazy about doing things when you have a baby to look after. But, okay, now you are motivating me! I'm going to have to start one of those things I've been putting off...TODAY! You are a good influence.