Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally some real snow!

Snow shovels, snow angels, snow balls, snow men... it's a snow EXTRAVAGANZA! Last winter the stupid snow gave me a broken arm and a driving phobia, but this year the weather gods seem to be trying to make amends for their past assault against me. I have to say I'm having fun with it so far this year! Dare I say it- it's almost kind of nice.
Last night and earlier today gave us our first substantial snowfall here in Misawa all winter. After Corey made his way home (they were released from work early and his normal 20 minute drive took an hour) and the snow let up, we went outside and had some fun in the fresh winter wonderland.
Oh, Corey and our snowman say "Hi" too!

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margaret said...

Wow- that's a lot of snow! So glad you're enjoying it so far. Looks fluffy and fun!