Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Produce Packaging

In Japanese supermarkets, one can find produce packaged in very small amounts. Sometimes it comes in handy. For instance, we can buy a quarter of a head of cabbage to add to a stir-fry for one dinner or half a bell pepper for a salad without having to worry about wasting anything or figuring out multiple uses for one large vegetable.

But sometimes it seems a little silly. For instance, if I was going to buy cherry tomatoes (even if I wanted them for just a small snack), I'm pretty sure I would want more than 4. Yet 4 is what you can get in some containers. All that packaging for 4 stinkin' cherry tomatoes. Overkill much?


Marianne said...

Ugh, that kind of stuff really fires me up. And is that styrofoam? Shame!! I agree that smaller quantities are more affordable and less wasteful (in food), but look at all that non-decomposable waste! Goodness.

margaret said...

It's the same in Korea. You buy a box of cookies - and each cookie is individually wrapped. Even if you try to buy from the bulk bin, your selection gets thoroughly wrapped before you get it. It's interesting because there is so much consciousness about recycling everything.

Neshanne said...

I was trying to find info on Misawa and came upon your blog and just reading you and your husbands experience so far gave me a really good impression about what me and my husband can expect when we arrive in the summer. It even inspired us to start our own little blog about our last 6 months in Alaska and getting ready to leave for Japan. I really admire that you guys have gone out and done a lot so far, unlike a lot of couples who are timid when it comes to living in another country. I can't wait to get there and start seeing all what Japan has to offer.