Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Afternoon at the Beach

Corey and I went to the beach on Memorial Day to hang out for a while. Unlike a beach in the states would have been this weekend, this one was just about deserted since (duh) there is no Memorial Day in Japan.

Corey miraculously (and ever so gracefully) learned how to fly while we were there.
I love the beach. The water up north here is much too rough (and cold) to swim in, but it sure is pretty. I found this particular beach when driving around with my Uncle Rus and Aunt Eileen while they were out visiting last week, and it's the most sandy and suitable for relaxing on that I've come across so far.
The weather was beautiful and we had fun goofing around. Probably too much fun...
This is the little mini forest we drove through to get to the beach. It's so pretty with the fresh greenery! I know I probably say this too much, but really... I so completely love living here.

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margaret said...

Amazing pictures of beautiful scenery - and that flying Corey! How did he do that??