Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yet Again, Back to the States

(This was my first attempt at producing an HDR image, and obviously I didn't totally succeed, so please ignore the ugly green splotch under the sun.)
This will probably be my last post of this spring season in Japan. Corey and I are leaving for Massachusetts on Wednesday (for Corey's sister's wedding and to see his family) and will be gone until the end of June. I assume the hot, sticky summer will be kicking into high gear right around the time we return, so I'm going to enjoy these last few days of mild-weathered beauty while I have them. Poor Corey JUST got back from spending a week in Maryland for work, so he's thrilled by the prospect of enduring even MORE 24 hour travel days back and forth... :) It'll be well worth it though.
What we've been doing lately: Corey has a new position at work (and his promotion finally kicked in at the beginning of this month), so he's been having fun with training and getting the chance to do something new. I've been doing my same old routine- running (with wonderful shin splints to show for it) and yoga at the gym, trying new recipes, practicing photography, trying to teach myself how to use various editing software, killing plants as I attempt to grow them, and learning little bits of Japanese in between. We've been taking advantage of the weather with walks, drives, and little day trips, interspersed with lots of board game playing, new restaurant-trying, and festival-going. It's a rough life, I tell you... :)
I don't really know what I was planning to write about in this post. I guess it was basically just an excuse to put up some pretty Spring pictures before we leave.
Sorry for being boring! Have a great day! Can't wait to see some of you guys in a few days!

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Snow said...

It sounds like a wonderful life! I can't wait to meet you and Corey. You will have to show me all the best places to go. You take fantastic pictures and it is a treat when you share them. Thank you!