Monday, June 28, 2010

Boston (where no one knows my name, yeah...)

I've had that Augustana song stuck in my head for the last week. It's an unstoppable force that begins playing any time I hear or think of the "B" word. "She said I think I'll go to Boston...I think I'll start a new life..."

Since I had never been and wanted to see it, we spent an afternoon out in the city during our trip. It's a pretty cool place (based on the little glimpse of it that I got). I'm normally not all that wowed by old stuff (which might seem odd coming from a former archaeologist), but the sense of history here actually felt real and exciting. That coupled with the architecture, the people, the intellectual collegiate atmosphere, and just the overall vibe made it a really appealing place to me.
So we had fun! Corey's mom treated us to a harbor cruise and a trolly tour of the city. We walked around Faneuil Hall and ate our way through the marketplace. We walked through the USS Constitution in all its glory. We took the T to Boston Commons and saw the state building (complete with protestors). We paid $34 for parking (pretty as it is, Boston aint cheap). Here's a bunch of Boston-y pictures:
And that was my experience with Boston. I'll definitely be back someday to see more. Yep yep.

"Yoooouuu don't know me, yoooouuu don't even care... yeah yeah..."

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Jamers said...

I'm loving your pictures! That cemetary one is especially cool for some reason. I love the history of that area (even though I've never been there!).