Sunday, June 27, 2010

East Coast Trip

Home again! This time from Massachusetts where we went for Corey's sister's beautiful wedding and to spend some time with his family. The trip's main event was this good-lookin' couple:
I don't really have any pictures from the wedding yet, but let me tell you- it was beautiful and SO much fun! We were so happy and honored to be a part of it.
We got to stay with Caitlin and Ryan for almost a week, which was great since it was the first time I've ever gotten to spend any real time with them, and they're completely fun and awesome peeps. Despite the overall fairly crappy weather we had during that time, we managed to have a lot of fun hanging out around the fire pit in their backyard, going to Old Sturbridge Village, taking the boat out on the lake for an afternoon, eating lots of good food, and a whole lotta other good times.
We also stayed with Corey's dad for a couple days, spending relaxing time hanging out by the pool and re-discovering Corey's old toys:
After all the wedding fun, we still had almost a week left to spend on Cape Cod with Corey's mom (and aunt and cousins who were in town too). She showed us a good time! We spent days lounging on the beach (where I miraculously managed to not get a single sunburn!), visited Provincetown and Boston (I'll post pics later since I've already got so many going on here), had cookouts, went shopping, and had tons of fun while the time went by at lightning speed.
Thank you so much to all of Corey's family for everything. We had a great time and can't wait to see you all again (hopefully next summer in Japan... right?)! :)

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