Thursday, July 7, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different...

I blog to you now live from San Jose, California! For anyone who might not know, this will be my home-base for the coming months as Corey serves a deployment on the opposite side of the world. That means the Japan adventure stories will be on hold until early next year, but in their place will (hopefully) be accounts of many different kinds of adventures as I try to take full advantage of these coming months with complete freedom to travel, take fun classes, spend time with friends and family, and follow in whatever direction the wind blows me. Look for upcoming posts and pictures of Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Northwest, a yet-to-be-determined European destination, Costa Rica, and who knows what else. Should be good stuff!

And for anyone overly worried about my poor husband, know that he'll likely be having plenty of awesome adventures of his own and won't be in any significant danger. And without knowing exactly what I am or am not allowed to share about the subject, I'll leave it at that.

I'm sure we'll be back to our normal lives in Japan before we know it, but until then- enjoy a different part of the world according to Patty!


Patty said...

Wow, this is really exciting. I am jealous that you will get to do all this traveling, it's amazing! Looking forward to reading :)

Pete 'n Stephy said...

bummer your love and you cant be together this summer! i totally would have gone back to Cali if I were you too :)