Saturday, July 23, 2011

One Last Weekend in Maryland

I didn't mean to go to Maryland. I just couldn't hold out.

We knew Corey was going to spend some time on the East Coast doing some training before officially leaving for his deployment and had decided that we'd just say our goodbyes in Japan since schedules and things were so uncertain. Then a week and a half after I got to CA we changed our minds, and I booked a quick ticket out to Maryland to see my better half one last time. I'm glad I did! We had a completely wonderful weekend (although it was slightly tainted by a dreadful event on the flight out, which I assure you I'll come back to explain soon).

We started things off with a good old-fashioned date night, complete with dinner and a movie (not just any movie, but Harry Potter). Good stuff! The next day we spent in Baltimore. We went to the Baltimore Harbor to walk around and have lunch before our scheduled ticket time to get in the National Aquarium.

The National Aquarium kind of... sucks. Living in rural farm country has made me forget the pains of stifling hoards of tourist crowds. It really makes going to places like this completely pointless. There's no room to walk around freely anywhere; the entire visit is comprised of one long, slow-moving cattle line of people inching its collective way through the exhibits, and you pretty much can't see anything unless you want to get all aquarium-macho and fight your way to the outer edge. Here, if that experience isn't enough, you can also go to the "4d" movie where you get sprayed in the face with water and have sticky soap suds dropped on you. I guess it wasn't all bad though- I did get to take some pictures, and we had fun being together despite the crowds.

That evening we decided to go to an Oriole's game. It's been years since I've been to a baseball game, and I had a lot of fun. We knew nothing whatsoever about the team, so we just picked random names of the players we were going to cheer for. We started out wanting to root for Koji Uehara (just because he had a Japanese name), but when we discovered he was a pitcher and not playing, we settled on Pie (because his name is Pie and pie is delicious). Our love for him was diminished after realizing it's pronounced Pee-ay, and then we gave up on rooting for individual players and just ate hot dogs, drank beer, and had fun watching.

The next day we went to Six Flags. We rode roller coasters like we were teenyboppers... until the headaches and tummy aches started, and the blazing sun fried us into submission in every line, and I was more interested in sunscreen application and the unthinkable calories in park food than in getting soaked on the rapids, and we realized we're pushing 30 and maybe we shouldn't be going to theme parks anymore. We'll see if that stops us next time... :)

Before we knew it, it was time for me to fly back to CA. It was such a fun, perfect last weekend together! Now onto our separate adventures for a while... (Speaking of, I think Corey might actually keep up his blog a bit during these coming months since he'll be having his own stories to tell. If you're interested in his adventures, check them out here!)

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Marianne said...

Looks like so much fun (except maybe the aquarium...)! Good for you for making the trip, I'm sure it was worth it!