Friday, July 8, 2011

An Unexpected Hawaiian Vacation

Through the magic of military Space-A travel (more on that later), I found myself on Oahu immediately following my departure from Misawa. Score!

We have some truly wonderful friends who live on the island and they were kind and generous enough to let me crash with them and show me a good time while I soaked up some Hawaiian sun for a few days.

Beaches. Mountains. Pink sunsets. Tropical drinks. Hiking. Swimming. Guava-Chiffon Pancakes. Good friends. Need I say more?

Taken on a hike before losing our trail and getting lost on the mountain side for a good hour. That was a fun adventure! :)

I can't get enough of that perfect blue water!

Eventually I had to say goodbye and make my way to the mainland. My last-minute plane ticket took me on a 6-hour layover to the Big Island. That didn't give me enough time to check out any volcano activity, so I spent most of it walking along the cutesy touristy shops lining Kailua Bay and taking photos/relaxing on the beach. My glimpse of the island was just enough to ensure that I'll have to come back some day soon!

According to my taxi driver, this whole area was closed for 3 weeks after the Japan-earthquake tsunami hit this side of the island. Yet another reminder...

This is a view of the fields of lava rock while flying into Kona airport. The black lava rock all over the island is so cool!

Sad as I was to leave paradise, I got a little misty-eyed on the plane to San Jose as the pilot announced that he could see the shining lights of the California coastline ahead. Home. It's good to be back!


Michelle said...

My heart just stopped upon seeing Kona. Gosh, I really, really love that place. What a fun side trip to take! And of course, beautiful pictures as usual!

andrea said...

Welcome back to the Bay Area! I hope our paths will cross during your visit there.

Snow said...

Miss you! I'm so sorry we didn't get to do lunch before you left. Well, there is always when you get back.

Do something for me? Take some of your fabulous pictures of food. I would have loved to seen those chiffon pancakes you were talking about!