Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random stuff

This weekend has been less than exciting. There was a big snowstorm yesterday, so we didn't feel like venturing out and exploring outside of Misawa (getting lost in a blizzard isn't exactly our idea of a fun weekend activity). This was the view from the warmth and safety of the car:
Aside from going out to the ramen shop down the road from our house for a perfect snowy day warm lunch, we were home-bound. Which meant we sat in our almost-empty house (for several hours even without power- joy) bored out of our minds. We spent most of the day doing a gigantic Disney jigsaw puzzle (which we actually really enjoyed doing, but since it makes us sound like big nerds, I'm pretending it was lame). 

I spent time watching the cute little doggie with the green vest who lives in the house behind us from our bedroom window. He/she is so cute- (S)he sits outside waiting for the owner to come home all day and then goes absolutely crazy when she finally does. She looks like doggie popcorn the way she jumps up and down in excitement. It reminds me of Zoey. I miss that little critter so much!!
For like 3 nights in a row we've eaten the exact same thing for dinner because it's delicious and we can't get enough of it! We get a slab of fresh white tuna and some "hairy mushrooms" (as they have been dubbed by us for lack of being able to read the signs in the grocery store to determine their actual variety) from the hugely awesome Japanese grocery store near our house and eat it with some rice. Corey has been cooking lately as I am still pretty gimpy with my one arm.
That's all for now. Sorry this is a random and pointless post; it's the product of too much boredom.  To close, here's Corey shoveling our driveway this morning.


katherine said...

Did you get a car? Why didn't you take a picture of it?

Margery said...

You look like Canadians now, shovelling that driveway.