Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moved in!

We officially moved into the yellow house yesterday! Yippee! So far we have a few ugly and uncomfortable pieces of furniture on loan, no internet, no TV, and no phone. It might not be the most exciting place to be during the next couple of weeks while we wait for our stuff and our installations, but it's ours and we're happy to finally have a home again!

Corey's favorite rooms in the house are the bathrooms. Not only do the toilets come equipped with heated seats and bidets, but each bathroom has its own shower ROOM. That's right, an entire waterproof room to wash yourself in (in addition to a bathtub). Corey (being the child he is at heart) had a grand old time last night jumping around the shower room, spraying everything he could. He's going to have a bit too much fun in the bathroom during the next 4 years...

I saw the doctor today and apparently my xrays look pretty much the same. So I guess the arm is healing slowly. The doctor was little worried that I'm not able to straighten my arm yet, so I have to spend time each day for the next week slowly trying to extend it as much as I can (which doesn't feel good, let me tell you...). He thinks I probably sprained some ligaments which is more of a problem than the actual fracture at this point because apparently it's a time-sensitive issue; if I don't get my full range of motion back soon, I will lose it altogether. I'll probably start physical therapy next week since he wanted me to spend one more week in the splint. Blah. Hopefully there will be improvement by then!

Since we're not staying on base anymore and don't have internet access at home yet, my updates might be a bit sporadic over the next couple of weeks. I'll do what I can though! We miss you all a lot!

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Reagan said...

Wow a shower room?? It sounds almost too fun to be true! I want one.