Thursday, January 22, 2009

Misawa City Tour

Today we went on a mandatory tour of our new home city (which we were supposed to take last week, but didn't get around to until this week). It was pretty cool, but nothing too crazy exciting. We visited a Buddhist temple, an old Samurai house, a couple of museums, and a shopping center. Here are a couple of pics from the tour:
A Buddhist Temple in Misawa

Personal altars the Japanese can buy for $7000 inside the temple. 

A snowy Japanese graveyard

A tatami mat room in the Samurai house (turned into a museum with fake people and food, but you get the idea)

After the tour we went and had sushi with some friends (yes, we're making friends already- yay!). Sushi here is delicious, but a word of warning- wasabi in Japan is on an entirely new level. That stuff is serious!!

Tomorrow is our tour of Hachinohe. That tour should be a little more exciting than today's (we're going to a giant well-known fish market, among other places), so hopefully I'll post tomorrow with some cool pictures!

We're going to get a cell phone today, so friends and family will finally have a way to contact us (other than email). House phones are really really expensive here (like some people install actual pay phones in their house because it's cheaper!), so we're only going to have a cell. But we'll get the number out to anyone that wants it as soon as we get it.

That's all I've got for now. I hope any Lost fans reading this enjoyed the premier. Tell me anything about it and die. :)

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Kaitlyn said...

It's so interesting to read about your life in Japan. I never knew that about home phones!