Saturday, January 3, 2009

Freeze-Off: 2009

Yes, it's finally here. The third (highly anticipated) Garland sister Freeze-Off is Saturday, January 3rd at 2pm. The entries are planned. The ingredients are ready. The scoresheets are made. The freezer awaits. All judges are welcome. Join us if you dare.

Here's a rundown for those poor souls who aren't familiar with this grand event:

The point: To create the ultimate frozen treat.

The event: 2 contestants. 5 unique frozen dishes prepared by each. 3 judging criteria categories. 1 winner.

The rules: No recipes of any kind may be used. No practicing ahead of time. No more than $50 can be spent on ingredients/supplies. Absolutely no discussing ideas with any potential judge before the event.

The judges: Award points to each frozen entry based on taste, presentation, and originality. The highest ranked creation receives high honors. The lowest ranked creation receives endless mockery. The contestant who's 5 entries earn the most overall points is declared the winner.

The prize: Ultimate pride and glory.

Kib, you're going down.

P.S- Yes, we know it's winter and Freeze-Offs are better suited for the summer. We don't care. Also, we've done a lot of these now and it's getting really hard to find new things to freeze- this may be the most interesting one yet!

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