Monday, January 5, 2009

Hats Off to Kib

She won the freeze-off. In my defense, it was QUITE a small margin (the closest one we've ever had), and I won the most votes for the overall favorite dish. But what are you gonna do... She was quite the competitor. And I will admit- she made some darn good frozen treats! Here is my "gracious loser" face after the results were announced:
Some highlights of the competition included Kib's "Mango Chilly":

My "32nd Flavor: Lemon Poppyseed Ice Cream":

Kib's "Buñuelo Cones" (no idea if I'm spelling that right):

And my "Dirty Snowballs":
We had a lot of fun- thanks to all 9 of the judges for eating so much frozen food and making Feeze-Off 2009 great! See you at the next Freeze-Off! Stay cool! (Get it...? Har har)


Purple said...

I need to be invited to this event. I would like to formally submit my name as a potential judge for next year's competition.

StumpyG said...

You're on the list for the next one. :)