Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I love today because my favorite color is green and it's everywhere! And because it was my grandma Garland's birthday! So, basically it's a good day.

Corey and I had a good day. First of all, I had the BEST physical therapy session I've EVER had! It killed, I screamed and balled like a baby, but it was all worth it because the therapist got my arm to bend and straighten further than it's ever gone (post-break obviously)! I'm super duper ridiculously sore tonight, but I don't even care. Progress makes this whole process much more bearable! 
Before I picked Corey up from work I baked some fresh bread at home. This is the first bread I've made since I left my job at the bakery back in JUNE! My skills have deteriorated- my loaf today didn't rise quite properly, but I'll get back in the swing of things soon. I want to start baking up a storm again! (Not my picture above, randomly picked it up here.)

After Corey got off work we went on a nice long run OUTDOORS! It's finally dry and warm enough to do things outside (that's not to say that it's warm by any means, but I'll take it!). The trail on base is really cool- nice mix of hills and flats, totally open fields and super treed(?) areas, and the best part is that it follows along the runway so you can race the planes as they're taking off. The planes beat us today, but it was our first time out running in a while, so maybe next time we'll win... :) After our run we caught the end of Corey's boss' volleyball game, which was fun!

We came home, cooked a delicious and nutritious meal, and now we're pooped and ready for bed and it's just barely 8:00. 

Sorry if a play-by-play of my day wasn't what you had in mind for an entertaining blog entry, but it was just one of those all-around great happy days I felt like sharing! Hope everyone had/has a great St. Patty's Day too!


haljoachim said...

So cool that my first reminder this morning that it's Grandma Garland's birthday (also known as St Patrick's Day)!! You are, after all, her namesake.
I'm going to direct Aunt Marianne to your blog. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Krisytan said...

I just realized that that girl doesn't look like she's running, AT ALL. She looks like a crazy loon flying through the air...