Friday, March 20, 2009

Woooh, I feel good!

Nanananananana... I knew that I would, nanananananana! I feeeeeeel nice, like sugar and spice!

Guess who doesn't have to go in for regular physical therapy any more??? Me, that's who!

So good! *uh uh* So good!


Stefanie K. said...

YAY! So glad to hear that!! Great job working through all the pain before so now you don't have to do that anymore!!

Purple said...

HEY!! I FEEL GOOD! Nanananananana.....

Go YOU!!!

Michelle said...

That is great news. Whenever you would mention your PT, I would cringe. It sounded so painful! Good job for completing it and feeling GOOOOOOOD.

Liz said...

Hey Cous,

It's just took me like 20 min to figure out a way to leave a comment without having a blog. In fact, I may have a blog now that I don't know about... That's how much I love you. Anyway, I'm so sorry I was delinquent and missed your wedding. I just checked out your pictures and you looked absolutely beautiful! Your photographer rocked, the pictures were so unique and artsy! Wish I could've been there in person.

My mom just gave me your blog address so I could stalk you... it's a pretty cool idea having this blog with your new life in Jap. I feel like I know you better than I ever did! And you should be very flattered my mom actually got herself on the internet and figured out how to open your page. She's still working on opening microsoft word.

So married life is pretty cool, huh? It sounds like you're really liking Japan. I hope I get to do a foreign tour next. We're stuck in Whidbey Island, WA for 3 years. I'd give anything to trade places with you. What's your hubby do again? USAF right?

We'll you can drop me a line at my email: or catch me on skype. Do you have skype? I like the chat boxes. It's old school AOL style. I'm under elizabethburon (I got real creative on that one).

Lots of love!

PS: I love Anne of Green Gables too! Is that cuz Grandma Garland watched em with you also? Oh, and I love Lost too. I'm catching up on Season 5, eps 4 right now.

Bethany said...

That's awesome. Are you done already?

Margery said...

Hooray, I'm so happy for you. How does your arm feel now that you're done. Do you feel like it's essentially healed? Hope so. Congratulations!