Monday, March 23, 2009

Utterly terrified

Tonight I was sitting here minding my own business, watching Finding Neverland on DVD and goofing around on my laptop, when I noticed an ugly big black fuzzy spider crawling ACROSS MY LAP! Corey was already asleep, so I had to chase this little bugger through the couch cushions and kill him all by myself while trying not to scream too loudly. That got me thinking...

I've never lived in an area where there was a pronounced change of seasons. I didn't see a single bug of any kind for the almost 3 months that we've been here. Those 3 months were, however, entirely frozen solid the whole time and probably prevented just about every living entity from coming out of whatever warm-ish shelter it was hiding in. Now spring is upon us, and things are warming up. There's no more snow on the ground. Does this mean that new creepy crawlies are going to be coming out of the woodwork?

I made the mistake of looking up the disgusting, giant, ugly, poisonous, pain-inducing bugs that are common in Japan. This is what I found:

The Mukade- a giant, very poisonous, wall-crawling, aggressive and hard to kill centipede:
The giant Japanese hornet with venom that dissolves human tissue:
Dozens of spider species, many of which are larger than a human hand:
I can't even deal with looking at any more of these pictures, but the rest of the list includes giant cockroaches, 2 species of poisonous snakes, and very, very large beetles. All of these are most likely to be found in rural areas around rice paddies (they might as well say, "You're screwed, Misawa"). 

I think I might have to get myself a fully sealed panic box and lock myself inside from April-October if the likes of these guys actually show up in or around our house. Now I'm off to bed- I'm sure to experience the kind of light sleep where I'll wake up every 5 minutes when a hair brushes against my neck or the blankets make any rustling sounds. 

Don't let me read about bugs anymore.


Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG...that Mukade thing scares me the most. Ugh. They should make some sort of bug spray to leave in the house. I think you might be missing the ants soon....

Stefanie K. said...

Oh my GAWD!!! THe pictures are enough to make me feel disgusted and terrified! Ahhhh.... yuck!! :(