Saturday, March 14, 2009

Totally hungover.


Last night we went out drinking with some cool peeps. We had a delicious dinner (including A LOT of beer) and then went to a karaoke bar (which included all you can drink beer). I drank a lot of beer. And then I had more beer. And then I "sang" some truly awful karaoke in a drunken stupor (pssst... check out the left elbow extension towards the end!).

But I must say, it was a blast! The fun night was worth my utter discomfort today. =)


Stefanie K. said...

OMG, that video is hilarious!! I appreciate (and sort of can't believe) you sharing. haha :)

Reagan said...

Your video brightened up my boring day lol

StumpyG said...

Haha, yeah I debated for like 2 seconds about whether I really wanted to let anyone see this, and then said "what the heck." What can I say, I have no shame.

Glad I could entertain you guys. :)