Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yellow House Tour Part 3

Passing through the living room, you come to the dining room area:
Here we have our sad little table from Ikea. We've been searching for a new, bigger one since we got here, but have yet to find something we like. As it is, we don't even have enough room to do the new Disney puzzle we picked up the other day (yes, we're dorks).
Through the doors off to the side is the laundry room. I love the laundry room!
First of all, it's nice and spacious and is the perfect place to store all of our cleaning supplies. 
Second of all, it stays TOASTY in there! So in the awful winter months when the rest of the house is freezing cold in attempts to keep our heating bill somewhat manageable, there is always a nice little warm nook in the house to retreat to! It makes doing laundry much more appealing. It'll probably suck in the summer, but we shall see. We also have the water heater and various controls in here. I'm afraid of all of this equipment- I am easily confused by these types of things in the states, but when everything is in Japanese, I don't even touch anything.
Moving on...

On the other side of the dining area, we have the kitchen. I've posted a picture and have written about the annoyance of the high cupboards before, but here it is again. 
Highlights include the sucky fridge that stops working every couple of weeks and the messy rack full of food and appliances that don't fit anywhere else. But overall it's a decent kitchen.
The tour shall continue later. In the meantime, check out the double-yolked egg I had for lunch today! Oooohhh- Aaaaahhhh...


Krisytan said...

Haha I love you freak.

Peter and Stephanie said...

what the....where can i get a crazy egg?

Purple said...

Ooh, that HAS to be lucky!

Bethany said...

The egg cracks me. And those cupboards would drive me batty.