Friday, May 8, 2009

They're not called convenient stores for nothing.

We had a lost-in-translation issue with our internet provider(s) this week. Our service got turned off, and we finally discovered that we are supposed to have been paying 2 different bills for our internet (one for the phone company, and one for the ISP). We've only been paying the ISP bills all these months, and had no clue we were missing the other one. Oops.

The solution? Dig through the random piles of bills (which are 100% in Japanese- there is a service on base that automatically pays most of our bills so we don't have to deal with these) we've received lately and, through my very limited knowledge of katakana, decipher which is the appropriate phone bill. I bring it to the Lawsons convenience store down the street, hand it to the clerk, fork over my 840 yen ($8.40 approx.), and BAM- our internet is back on. 

I love it when problems are easy to fix! 


Kimberly C. said...

Nice! Wish stuff like that here was that simple to fix...

margaret said...

Hey, congratulations, Patty, on getting to use your katakana. Does the clerk at "Lawsons" (doesn't sound very Japanesey) - speak English? Anyway, congrats on making your way around and getting your bill fixed.

Now let me see if I can manage to post this comment (I've been having trouble or I would have posted many more comments to these great blog entries. Maybe I'll have a breakthrough here.)

StumpyG said...

Thanks! The clerk spoke enough english to tell me "no credit-o, cash-o," which was helpful. Congratulations on mastering blog comments!